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Bread means life!

This  is what  they  used  to say before about this  product  you can hardly  imagine your life without. Bread is the symbol of hard work, wisdom,  hospitality, friendliness, well-being and happiness. For this reason our country"s coat of arms is decorated with   ears of grain.  They symbolize   peaceful and creative work. For ages people  welcomed their  guests  with a loaf of bread  and some salt  on top of it. This  good tradition has survived till present. The  bride and her groom would be traditionally showered with   grain, flour, spice cakes and  cookies.

A character of one of the writer Michael Alekseev"s novels   said, “Bread is the noun. The other  products are  mere  adjectives”. Could you possibly  figure out  the meaning  of   bread in our life?

We take no notice of it, as if it were air that we breathe in or water we drink or the earth we walk on and live on. But  bread  like air and  water and earth  are  there  always for us. You can keep talking about bread like about life for hours on end. As bread  itself  contains life.  And  our concern for our  daily bread has been and will be our major concern.

The Republican Industrial Unitary Enterprise “Borisovhlebprom” (short name: RUE “Borisovhlebprom”) is a state-run company. It was set up by the decree # 84 of the Communist Party of Belarus and the Council of Ministers of the Belarussian SSR, passed on June 26th, 2001.  The company"s registration number in the Common State Corporate and Individual Entrepreneurs" Register   is 600009710, resolution #457).


RUE  "Borisovhlebprom"  was  founded and has been  run ever since by  the state  through  the Department of  Bakeries of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Production of Belarus according to the resolution № 497 of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Supply of Belarus  dated December, 3rd, 2001.
The Republican Industrial Unitary Enterprise "
Борисовхлебпром" is in the sole state ownership and   has been granted business authority to operate its assets. It has the following daughter-companies:
• -  Borisovskiy bakery plant
• -  Vileiskiy bakery plant
• -  Zhodinskiy bakery plant
• -  Molodechenskiy bakery plant
• -  Nesvizhskiy bakery plant
• -  Soligorskiy bakery plant.

Technologies and technological policy


Борисовский хлебозавод




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